Goodlyfe Animation. The G and O come in from the left and the second O, which is a leaf, comes blowing in at the end to complete the Goodlyfe Logo
Application / Class Project
- Role / UX Manager

Today’s society is open to understanding & being apart of change. Goodlyfe is a concept for an environmentally friendly app that creates a symbiotic relationship between our environment and the individuals who use it. Through an informative, participative and reward based system users are attracted to being part of the Goodlyfe community. Individuals can explore a variety of challenges hosted by industry leading companies that Goodlyfe has partnered with thus creating an incentivized community dedicated to helping fight common environmental issues.

Post Feature

Goodlyfe posts allow users to stay
updated with what's going on in the
environmentally friendly community. Learn
about challenges & events in your area or post ones you enjoy participating in!

Challenge Feature

Discover challenges from popular brands in your area and earn really cash for things like throwing out trash, riding your bike instead of taking your car, and participating in community clean ups.

Explore Feature

Explore the brands that Goodlyfe has partnered with and the challenges they offer. Find new people to connect with and discover posts about challenges and events that would interest you.

Feed Feature

Scroll through daily posts about tips to help the environment, discover new methods to stay more sustainable and learn about how other people stay involved with environmentally friendly practices!

Profile Feature

An organized profile that allows you to recall past posts, connections with other users, and previously completed events. Discover the users that are most active in making a change and connect with them!
Goodlyfe App on an Iphone 12


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This project was completed in collaboration with Nikka Francisco, Andrew Rose, Gabrielle Ciardelli & Han Zhang

In exchange for their participation they are rewarded discounts, cash prizes and other rewards from Goodlyfe Partners. To execute this, the challenge page was designated as the Home page. Users can then explore the feed and the map to see what challenges other users are participating in and where they are happening.

As UX Manager, I was in charge of designing and overseeing the final look of the Goodlyfe app. The goal for this project was to create a user friendly interface that easily allowed users to immerse themselves into an environmentally friendly community. Through a variety of brand sponsored challenges users are incentivized to do things like use reusable cups, ride a bike instead of using a car, and participate in community clean up events.